How to link your YouTube account

Patrick T.
August 12, 2019

It's easy to link your YouTube account to your YTMonster account. Linking your YouTube account is required in order to exchange anything but views. This means you will be unable to earn credits by subscribing, liking, and commenting until it has been successfully linked.

Let's get started!

1) Head over to the Settings section
First of all you must head to the Settings section of your account. This can be done by hovering over your avatar in the main menu, and hereafter selecting Settings from the drop-down menu.

YTMonster | Settings

2) Entering your channel URL
Once you're on the page, you must enter your channel URL. It looks like the following example:

If you do not know what your channel ID is, you can always find it by going here:

You must enter the URL that contains /channel/. It won't work with custom usernames, which means URLs that contain /user/.

2) Edit your description
It should now look like this:


It will output a string for you to enter into your channel description as shown above.
This string must be placed in the About section of your channel. Press the button 'Edit description' to be taken there.

YTMonster | Settings

If you already have anything in your description, you can keep it there. You do not have to delete anything.


4) Verify Description
You're now ready to press 'Verify' on YTMonster. Once done, your channel should've been linked successfully!

YTMonster | Settings

You can safely remove the verification string if you do not want it to be in your channel description.

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